Where We Work

Peaceful Schools' program staff work in schools, afterschool settings, with faculty, parents and community groups throughout Central and Northern New York to support the social emotional growth and behavioral health of students and schools.

Our regional programming includes:

Peace Through The Arts Peace_Through_The_Arts_-_FINAL.jpg
H.W. Smith PreK-8 School
Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, NY

Peaceful Schools is proud to serve as a cultural partner at H.W. Smith PreK-8 School as part of the Extended Learning Time and 21st Century Community Learning Collaborative programs. Our Peace Through The Arts Team brings peace and social skill instruction through arts enrichment to students in grades 5-8 as part of the regular school day. Students engage in project-based instruction in Visual Arts, Theatre, Global Music, and Media Arts, while exploring and practicing important social skills such as Self-Control, Conflict Resolution, Celebrating Diversity, and Upstander Behavior.

Check out our Peace Through The Arts Showcase to see some of the great projects our students have been working on lately!


Peaceful People Resources and Support peaceful-people-241px.jpg
Columbus Elementary School, Hughes Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Kernan Elementary School
Utica City School District, Utica, NY

Peaceful Schools is proud to partner with the Utica City School District to provide training, resources and technical assistance to help schools implement the Peaceful People skill-based social emotional education program. Using our online Peaceful People Curriculum & Resources, school staff directly deliver Peaceful People lessons in the classroom, and are supported by building-wide efforts to promote Peaceful People behaviors and themes. Peaceful Schools' staff provides ongoing professional development, classroom presentations and technical assistance to help schools maximize the impact of Peaceful People on their students and schools. 

Congratulations to the staff and students at Columbus Elementary School, recipients of the inaugural Peaceful School Award! Click here to read more. 

Columbus STAR and Logos.jpgColumbus PP chalkboard.jpgColumbus Stand Tall Pledge.jpgColumbus STAR Power Wall.jpgColumbus Compliment Circle guide.jpg

Classroom Samples from Columbus Elementary School


Coordinated Mediation Services 
JFK Middle School, Donovan Middle School, Hughes Elementary School
Utica City School District, Utica, NY

Peaceful Schools' trained and experienced staff provides mediation, social skill tutorials, and other problem-solving supports at JFK, Donovan and Hughes Schools in Utica, NY. Through mediation, our Coordinators offer students a controlled, secure atmosphere and process to help them resolve interpersonal conflicts peacefully. Coordinators engage individuals and small groups in behavioral rehearsal of important social skills, and support each building's efforts to create and sustain a peaceful school climate.


Afterschool Programming Afterschool Logos.jpg
Clary Middle School, Roberts PreK-8 School, Ed Smith PreK-8 School 
Huntington PreK-8 School
Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, NY

Peaceful Schools runs afterschool programs to empower middle school girls at Clary, Roberts and Ed Smith Schools in Syracuse, NY. The program encourages girls to be “FIERCE,” which stands for “Fabulous Individuals who are Eager and Ready for Change and Empowerment.”

Our "Peace Leaders" afterschool program at Huntington School trains middle school students in peer mediation and helps students develop leadership skills. Under Peaceful Schools' guidance and supervision, students then serve as mediators and mentors for peers and younger students in their PreK-8 school.


School Climate Coaching
Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, NY

Peaceful Schools supports 30 schools in the Syracuse City School District by providing External School Climate Coaches to each school at the Tier 1 and 2 levels. Coaches work closely with school teams to support them in creating and maintaining a positive school culture within each building, and provide technical assistance and professional development to help schools implement and monitor universal strategies and interventions to teach and reinforce positive behavior. 


Group Presentations 

Peaceful Schools' Executive Team and program staff work with school districts throughout Central New York to provide informative, interactive presentations to groups ranging from middle school students to parents and community groups. Presentations to students address topics such as Upstander Behavior, Digital Citizenship and Celebrating Diversity. Our parent presentations give caregivers an opportunity to learn and ask questions about social emotional learning, adolescent development, and supporting kids at home. 


Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The Play 

Peaceful Schools is proud to present the first official tour of Have You Filled a Bucket Today? The Play by Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead. Based on Carol McCloud's award-winning books, the play uses humor, heart, and larger-than-life characters to teach students the concepts of Bucket Filling and Bucket Dipping. Trey, a 4th grade student, learns about Bucket Filling at summer camp with the help of Mark the camp counselor, Professor Smarty Pants III, and Bucket Filling FairyThis theatrical adaptation is a fun and effective way to teach students how to treat each other with kindness and respect. 


Peaceful Schools has proudly performed this play to over 40 schools and audiences throughout Central and Northern New York. Click here to find out more about our successful tour, including how to bring this wonderfully engaging and interactive production to your school!


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