Research & Evaluation Articles

Peaceful People is a research-based and evaluated program. Results of independent evaluations conducted in both the Utica and Syracuse City School Districts have indicated significant improvement in student social skills. The articles below represent the most recent evaluation work conducted.

The Peaceful People program has replicated research results from two independent evaluations. The first evaluation was conducted by Knowledge Systems and Research Inc., during the 1999-2000 academic school year. Results indicated that the Peaceful People program was a program of promise, worth additional consideration. During the 2003-2004 academic school year the pre-post measure was replicated and results again presented positive impact of the Peaceful People program. In 2007 Peaceful People was a component of a Federal Partnerships in Character Education Grant awarded to The Utica City School District. As part of the evaluation Peaceful People was evaluated by Dr. Renie Kehres of Syracuse University.

Results are presented in the articles below: