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Voice Level Posters

Voice Levels are an effective way to teach students to use the right voice for the right setting. Voice Levels can be included within your PBIS behavior matrix to set the voice expectation for each setting. We include Voice Level suggestions in our Literature Guides and Activity Guides to help set positive expectations for student behavior.

Some suggestions of how to use our FREE Voice Level posters:

  • Use the posters as visual cues for what each voice level looks like and sounds like. 
  • Post the full poster conspicuously throughout your school or classroom. 
  • Laminate the individual-level posters and keep on a ring. Flip to the appropriate poster for each activity and display the Voice Level for students to see. 
  • Post the appropriate poster in each setting. (e.g. Voice Level 2 in Cafeteria)
  • Model each Voice Level to students while referring to the poster, then ask students to rehearse using each Voice Level.

Full Poster (Voice Levels 0-4)
Click on each poster to download

Individual Voice Level Posters
Click on each poster to download