Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a model for planning, implementing and monitoring a pro-active climate using a multi-tiered system of prevention and intervention.  


  • Professional Development
  • Consultation & Technical Assistance
  • External Coaching
  • PBIS Assessment & Evaluation 

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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Positive Climate, Positive Outcomes

At Peaceful Schools, we are dedicated to working with schools that seek to create a positive climate and promote socially safe and healthy relationships between all members of a school community. The benefits of investing in the creation and maintenance of a peaceful and productive school community are well documented and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Justice, and many State Education Departments and other leaders in educational practice. The benefits of supporting the whole child are demonstrated across both academic and social measures and include outcomes across all ages/grade levels including: Improved academic achievement, increased school connectedness, well developed social skills for communicating effectively, managing interpersonal conflicts, and demonstrating resilience and stamina in the face of personal challenges. 



Peaceful Schools provides our partnering School Districts with a full range of PBIS services including the following:

  • Professional Development for Universal and Secondary Implementation and maintenance
  • Professional Development for Secondary Interventions
  • Professional Development for Discipline System Review and Development
  • Conduct On-Site Evaluations - School Wide Evaluation Tool (SET), Benchmarks of Quality, Benchmarks of Advanced Tiers
  • Provide External Coaching and Technical Assistance



  • Expert Consultants: Our staff participate in on-going professional development, presented by leaders in the field of PBIS and Social Emotional Learning, to stay fully informed about the latest research and best practices.
  • Personalized Training Plan: Our primary goal is to meet the needs of your team: we will assess readiness through pre-service preparation that occurs in advance of your Professional Development events, we will work with you to personalize your school's training plan and ensure that content is presented with relevant examples that reflect your school's setting, size and culture.
  • Practical & Proven Strategies: Peaceful Schools will work with your team to incorporate existing intervention strategies into your continuum of secondary intervention practices. We believe if a strategy is proven to be effective and is already in place it should be sustained as part of the multi-tiered system of support. We will work with you to assess your current practices and devise a system of practical and proven intervention strategies that can be sustained. 

Contact us to see how our PBIS Technical Assistance team can help your school or district!