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On-Site Coordinated Mediation Services

Are you interested in hiring a mediator?

Contact us to inquire about hiring a trained mediator to respond to a specific incident or to implement a school wide or district wide program. 


Mediation offers students an alternative to arguments, fights and other violent disruptions to the school environment.

Mediation provides a meaningful alternative to suspension or in instances of mandated suspension can serve as a requirement for return to school.

Mediation is an empowering process that engages the disputants and gives them the power to resolve the problem in a mutually beneficial way.

Mediation is a fair and structured process that engages all parties involved and provides a venue for meaningful dialogue, an opportunity to break through misunderstandings, miscommunication and constraints of personal barriers and judgments.

Benefits  & Considerations

Single Event:One time/specific request mediation

For single event mediations: Please contact us for a free consultation to help you determine if mediation is appropriate. Please keep in mind that mediation is not appropriate if the circumstances indicate a severe imbalance of power between the parties involved, such that one student has been the target of harassment, bullying or other acts, while the other student has served as the aggressor or perpetrator.

School Wide/District Wide Mediation Coordinator

Peaceful Schools can identify, train, support and supervise local personnel to serve your school or district, on a full or part-time basis. A primary benefit of using a Peaceful Schools staff member to provide this highly specialized service is the guaruntee of high quality implementation. Peaceful Schools staff receive extensive training and support to ensure the fidelity of the mediation process and to promote the best practices ensuring mediation referrals are responded to in a professional, productive manner.