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Adult Mediation Training

Mediation Training Standards

The mediation process is an effective intervention method for responding to interpersonal conflict. School Based Mediation techniques can be used within all settings that serve youth, including community based child care and recreation programs, juvenile justice/delinquency centers, and schools serving youth in grade K-12 and college age.

Peaceful Schools conducts a 24-hour comprehensive skills training for adults. The training is designed to include theoretical knowledge of conflict, communication and negotiation strategies, as well as significant time spent in structured role-play and activities to allow for behavioral rehearsal and immediate feedback. The core content is in alignment with the recommended standards of the Association for Conflict Resolution. Our training model meets or exceeds the recommended practices in all areas. The following table is an overview of the standards:

Recommended Standard Peaceful Schools Mediation Training
What is conflict
Conflict Resolution Styles
Types of conflict
Positions vs. Needs
Cultural Sensitivity
Common Issues Identified

Day 1 of our training model is focused on
understanding conflict.

Verbal  vs. Non-Verbal
Reflective and Responsive Listening skills
Summarizing, Clarifying and Reframing
Asking Good Questions
Observing Body Language

Day 2 of our training is focused on learning techniques for clear, complete and useful communication

The Mediation Process
Setting the stage
Identifying the 3 elements of the conflict
Moving through the process
Structuring good agreements
Handling Interruptions
Identifying and defining the issues to be negotiated
Closing the mediation

On Day 1 participants observe a mock mediation, providing the opportunity to see the process and techniques from start to finish.

Days 2-4 participants are engaged in role play and activities that allow them to rehearse the techniques being taught, culminating in each participant completing 1-2 full length mediations.

Records, Forms and Data
Procedural forms for referral and agreements
Data forms for management of the program
Steps for implementing the program
Educate your staff & stakeholders about process

Throughout the training participants are introduced
to the paperwork and recommended forms that provide structure and continuity to a well established program. On Day 4 participants are provided with templates that they can modify to use with their own program.



Train-The-Trainer Standards & Requirements:

For School Based/Youth Based Mediation Training

The following process is designed to support educators interested in learning the skills and methods to train individuals to become School Based Mediation Trainers. A key component to teaching the mediation process is having experience as a practicing mediator. Facilitating mediation properly opens the door for experiential and transformative learning to take place for disputants, therefore knowledge and expertise in education, psychology, counseling, social work or other human service field is a benefit to the skill set of the potential trainer.


The following items will be required for Peaceful Schools Certification as a Trainer for
School/Youth Based Mediation Skills Training

  • Attend a 24-hour Peaceful Schools Certification Training to be a School Based Mediator
  • Facilitate School Based/Youth Mediations for at least 1 year (30-40 Documented Mediations), demonstrating the following:

    • Mastery of the mediation process & techniques
    • Success facilitating the disputants to reach a mutually acceptable and balanced agreement (Benchmark 90% success rate), to be assessed through review of mediation records, post-mediation interviews with disputants and/or focus groups to discuss the mediation experience
    • Success demonstrating the knowledge and skills to recognize inappropriate referrals, or to end a mediation that is not appropriate for both parties
    • Demonstrate the skills to structure a well written agreement, applying the recommended agreement strategies/structures
    • Participate in 3 Mediation Observations with feedback from a skilled Peaceful Schools trainer
  • Participate as a co-facilitator with a Peaceful School trainer or with a Peaceful Schools approved trainer for a minimum of 2-4 Mediation Trainings (# of trainings to be determined based on individual skill level)
  • Demonstrate the skills and aptitude to plan and conduct mediation training for youth and adults including the following standards recommended by the Association For Conflict Resolutions

    • Use of a variety of interactive teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles including techniques for: brainstorming, coaching, demonstration, group work, effective presentation
    • Demonstrate sensitivity to bias awareness, cultural diversity and prejudice reduction
    • Facilitate productive & instructive role plays
    • Provide ample structure to the training session, setting up and reinforcing behavior expectations
    • Provide ample opportunities for student input, opinion and ideas
    • Use a multi-sensory, multi-media approach
    • Demonstrate a good sense of timing
    • Ability to articulate ideas clearly
    • Presentation voice is at ample volume, comfortable pace and ability to vary in order to emphasize a point or capture audience attention
    • Ability to transition from lecture to activity
    • Ability to set up and debrief activities, guiding participants through the experience while simultaneously accomplishing the objectives of the activity and reinforcing the content
    • Demonstrate good judgment to change the pace and timing of the agenda to meet audience needs