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Would you like to support a Mediation Program In Your School?

School Based Mediation is a voluntary conflict resolution process. The process is designed for students (disputants) who are unable to resolve problems on their own. Mediation provides a controlled, secure atmosphere and permits each person to tell their story. Mediation empowers the disputants to settle their own problems instead of having someone else settle it for them. 

School Based Mediators are trained to maintain neutrality while they guide the students through the process. They do not take sides or try to determine who is right or wrong; they don't offer solutions or opinions. Instead, mediators listen to both sides, and facilitate effective communication and problem solving. The mediator then records solutions into a written agreement, which is signed by both parties.

The goal of mediation is to identify the issues underlying the conflict and establish a plan to avoid future problems. In school settings students are often referred after an incident has caused disruption and attracts the attention of school staff. As a result of participating in the mediation process students are often able to defuse ongoing problems. Mediation programs encourage students to make self-referrals and seek resolution before a conflict escalates to an incident requiring disciplinary action. Schools that have mediation programs in place find that the number of self-referrals increases over time as students hear about mediation success stories. Mediation programs promote and support the development of a peaceful school environment.


 Peaceful Schools has over 15 years of experience training Adults and Students in the mediation process. We also provide On Site Program Coordination to schools needing assistance with a one-time event or district wide facilitation.