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Peaceful People

What is Peaceful People?

Peaceful People is a classroom-based social emotional education program that seeks to promote healthy social development, prevent youth violence and foster positive community relationships. Our lessons are fun and interactive, using discussions, hands-on activities, children's books and behavioral rehearsal to engage students in the development of resiliency skills and social competence. 

Five core social skills serve as the foundation of the Peaceful People curriculum.
These essential skills are:

C    Cooperation

A    Assertion

R    Responsibility

E    Empathy

S    Self-Control

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What's Included in Each Lesson?

In each lesson, you will find:

  • Review guidelines to connect the lesson to previous Peaceful People topics
  • Warm-Up activities and quotes to get students ready for the lesson
  • Clear definitions and examples of the targeted skill
  • Discussion questions and suggestions to engage students in the material
  • Activity and Literature suggestions, with links to our complete Guides, to actively engage students in practicing the desired social skill
  • Visual aids and classroom handouts to supplement the lesson

Please watch our Lesson Plan Tutorial video for a quick walk-through of our Lesson Plans and materials.

Age-Appropriate Resources

Our curriculum is broken down into grade-level groupings: pre-K; K-1; 2-3; 4-6; and 6-8. We include 6th grade in both elementary and middle school groupings; choose the one that best represents your school. Each lesson plan is tailored to meet the developmental needs of your students, with appropriate activity and literature suggestions for that age range. Similarly, our lessons are intended to be presented in age-appropriate lengths of time. We suggest the following class lengths for each age:

          Pre-K: 20 minutes          K-1: 35 minutes          2-8: 45 minutes

A Note to Parents and Caregivers:

While Peaceful People was developed for use in the classroom, many of our resources and activities are easily adaptable to less-formal settings. Our Literature Guides are a perfect way to turn storytime into an opportunity to build and reinforce your child's social development. Many of our activities can be tailored for use at home or with groups of friends. And our Lesson Plans are a great resource in homeschool or extracurricular settings. We can help you find the subscription package that is right for you.