Guide to Being an Upstander

Upstander Behavior is the helpful way(s) that people respond when they see or hear hurtful actions or acts of bullying.

This FREE Guide to Being an Upstander is full of helpful tips for children and adults to address bullying behavior in your community. The Guide contains simple suggestions for: 

  • How to recognize bullying behavior
  • How to be an Upstander when you witness acts of bullying
  • What to do if a child reports bullying behavior to you
  • Messages of support for targets of bullying and other mean behaviors

Make this Guide available in schools, classrooms, community centers, or anywhere you wish to encourage Upstander Behavior!

Click here for printable tri-fold Guide
(To print double-sided, change print settings to "Flip on short edge" or use manual 2-sided setting on your copier)