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Teach social skills anytime, anywhere!

All children benefit from direct social skills instruction. Learning the skills to get along with others, communicate effectively, problem solve creatively and make responsible decisions requires that students have opportunities to discuss the problems and practice effective responses. 

Our materials are easy to prep and easy to teach. They have been developed and refined in real classrooms, with students of diverse ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds. Our resources have been reviewed by hundreds of teachers, evaluated through rigorous research, and - most importantly - approved by kids.

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The low annual fees are designed to make our curriculum accessible to you while supporting our ability to continue developing teacher tools and resources. We look forward to supporting you through every step of your journey!


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Peaceful People, our classroom-based curriculum, includes detailed lesson plans, literature and activity guides, and other ready-to-teach materials.

Our Literature Guides subscription is perfect for parents and educators looking for creative ways to use children's books to teach and reinforce pro-social skills. 

Try using our FREE Quick Filler Activities resources for on-the-go 
social skill building activities.